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About CURE Leasing & Maintenance

CURE Leasing & Maintenance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AmeriQuest Business Services, provides truck financing solutions and maintenance services to Owner-Operators, as well as Carriers that use Owner-Operators as part of their transportation program. Our comprehensive programs assist with the necessary separation between the Carrier and the Owner-Operator, while also delivering valuable cost savings and efficiencies.

For Owner-Operators, CURE provides the financing and maintenance solutions they need to get on the road and become successful business owners.

For Carriers who desire to grow their fleet by adding Owner-Operators, convert employee drivers to Owner-Operators, or are simply looking for an alternative to existing financing sources, CURE provides competitive lease and maintenance solutions.

CURE Leasing and Maintenance

About AmeriQuest Business Services

AmeriQuest Business Services provides Group Purchasing benefits by working with over 1,400 mid- to large-size fleets throughout the U.S. and Canada. By leveraging the strength of more than 700,000 vehicles, AmeriQuest uses that combined purchasing power to realize pricing advantages on all of the items necessary to operate and maintain a fleet, including parts, tires, service, and lubricants.

AmeriQuest Business Services