Sponsor Carriers

You focus on your core business;
we’ll focus on your Owner-Operators

Your Owner-Operators get the financing, the truck, and the maintenance.

You get an arm’s-length transaction.

If you’re a Carrier that uses Owner-Operators as part of your transportation program, CURE’s turnkey solution gives you the separation you need. With CURE’s Sponsor Carrier Program, we provide the financing, the truck, and the maintenance to your Owner-Operators while providing you with an arm’s-length transaction.

If you’re currently financing trucks to your independent contractors you’re incurring debt for assets and services that are not part of your core business. When partnering with CURE, CURE owns the truck. You get the benefit of growing your fleet…and your business without increasing your debt and administrative costs. Plus, since we supply only newer model vehicles to Owner-Operators, and since good equipment is less prone to breakdowns, you can feel confident in meeting delivery schedules. The benefits are clear.

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Your Owner-Operators get:


Late Model Inventory

We supply newer model units (2012-2015) in a wide variety of models, so reliability and efficiency are ensured. Newer, well-maintained equipment means less chance of breakdowns. Our inventory is updated daily with new models.

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Our centralized maintenance management program relieves Owner-Operators and/or Carriers of the administrative burden of managing maintenance, including monitoring maintenance schedules and scheduling of PM.

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Roadside Rescue

CURE’s 24/7/365 fleet breakdown service includes a state-of-the-art call center and access to thousands of service providers, coast to coast. Digital recordkeeping and reporting and a robust data management system keep you informed of vehicle status, location, and downtime.

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How Does it Work?

3 easy steps to success

1 We work with you to understand your driver’s budget.

2We review the Owner-Operator’s P&L to ensure the program’s success. Once that occurs, the Owner-Operator generally owns the unit in 30 to 60 months, depending on year model. All equipment is purchased new and is professionally maintained throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

3You provide weekly settlement deductions to us for the Owner-Operator’s lease payment and maintenance fund. Should the unit go unseated, we look to you to reseat the unit with the next available driver.

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