CURE provides the financing and maintenance you need for independence you deserve

CURE’s solution gives you a fixed cost you can count on to run your business.

CURE Leasing & Maintenance understands the risks and rewards faced by Owner-Operators. Vehicle and maintenance costs can be daunting, often making the difference between a business that’s profitable and one that’s flat, or worse, operates at a loss. CURE provides a path to Owner-Operator independence that reduces operating costs and increases your profitability. Plus, with CURE, you deal with only one company for both financing and maintenance.

When you lease or purchase though CURE, you get access to late model and new equipment at competitive lease terms with purchase options at the end. Since maintenance is included in the lease, there are no unwelcome surprises showing up at month’s end.

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Partner with CURE and get:


A Level Playing Field

When you partner with CURE, you’re in the driver’s seat. As an independent businessperson, you now have the ability to negotiate terms with carriers rather than have those terms dictated to you.


Late Model Inventory

We only supply newer model units (2012-2015) in a wide variety of models, so reliability and efficiency are ensured.  Due to demand, our inventory is updated constantly with new models to be viewed daily.

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Our centralized maintenance management program relieves Owner-Operators of the administrative burden of managing maintenance, including monitoring maintenance schedules and scheduling of PM.

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Roadside Rescue

CURE’s 24/7/365 fleet breakdown service includes a state-of-the-art call center and access to thousands of service providers, coast to coast. Digital recordkeeping and reporting and a robust data management system keep you informed of vehicle status, location, and downtime.

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How it Works

1View our available new and previously leased inventory. Given the current demand for lease purchase, our inventory changes every day, so be sure to contact us for the most up-to-date inventory.

2We want to work with you! Provide us with some brief information and we’ll get in touch to get you signed up. Or, you can always reach us at (888) 225-6697.

3CURE leases trucks only to Owner-Operators that drive for one or our approved Sponsor Carriers. If one of our Sponsor Carriers referred you to us, please be sure to let us know. If you found us on your own and would like to explore driving for one of our Sponsor Carriers, we’d be happy to discuss those options with you.

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