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Your success depends a great deal on the success of your Owner-Operators. Our assessment test captures a driver’s attitude towards truck driving and work in general, which helps companies gauge that driver’s probability of success.

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CURE leases trucks only to Owner-Operators who drive for one of our approved Sponsor Carriers. If one of our Sponsor Carriers referred you to us, and if you are approved to drive for them, then in most cases, you are approved to lease a truck from us. If you found us on your own, and are interested in leasing a truck from us, we would be happy to provide you with information about our approved Carriers, and help you get set up with one of them.
Contact us. Becoming a sponsor carrier is an easy process and we may be able to approve your carrier so you can stay where you are!
We offer a variety of truck models so that Owner-Operators, like yourself, can find a truck that meets your needs and your budget.  The lease is priced on a weekly basis, so your payment is deducted from your settlement and remitted to us on your behalf by the Carrier.  Included in the payment is an amount that goes directly into a Maintenance Fund, which is used to help you budget the funds needed to maintain the truck.
The Maintenance Program was created to help Owner-Operators budget the funds needed to properly maintain their truck. With each regular payment made, a portion of the payment is allocated to pay for future regular maintenance expenses. That way, when you need maintenance on the unit, you simply contact the CURE Maintenance Team, 24/7, to schedule the service needed. With thousands of approved vendors, coast to coast, and National Account Pricing with all major service providers, CURE is able to save you time and money. The vendor will communicate with both you and a CURE Maintenance Professional who is there to assist you in making the best maintenance decision possible. Once repairs are completed, CURE will pay the vendor from your contributed funds and you are on your way!
Our Maintenance Team is available 24/7 to assist you and get you going again.  We have a nationwide network that includes hundreds of mobile service providers and towing companies.  CURE oversees the process and, through these wide-ranging relationships, works to save you time and money.